A Sonnet in a Box…

by Sonnet Melody

So… I have always been a huge fan of blogger challenges. Now, don’t get me wrong I do love to blog what is on my mind, my rantings, and my crazy talk, however when you find challenges that really peak your mind, it gives you yet another creative outlet for your mind, and inspires you in so many new ways that you never thought you could be inspired by. I have always loved, and often go down to the Carnegie art museum in real life, so when my SL sister sent me the idea for this challenge, well I was instantly game.

While I am pretty awesome… rofl! I am not really that talented at magic, close up or distance, so the idea of sawing my avatar in half or taking my limbs off was somewhat scary. With that being said, I do not do anything that does not seem at least a slight bit nerdy in some way or at least if I can make it that way, I will… I started thinking, what can I do, that will be different, that will be quirky… I know pizza box!

So, setting forward, I decided to pull out my pose maker and found a mesh pizza box on marketplace and thus, my avatar got shoved into a pizza box. If you enjoy the pose, please feel free to im me in world, Sonnet Melody and I’d be glad to give it away, as I do not have it for sale anywhere. 🙂

I hope that ya’ll enjoy this, and I really look forward to many more of these art related challenges in the coming weeks! 🙂

Sonnet - Pizza Box


Pose: Made by me, for the post.

On the avatar:

The Bra set: Luxuria

Hair: Exile, “Kissing Strangers” From the December Round of C88.

Jewelry: Ennui, Knotted pearl necklace white

Shoes: Half-Deer

Ears: Half-Deer

Currently Listening too…